Rapture: The Leading House of Domination in NYC.

The Ladies of Rapture are the sexiest and most talented Pro-Dommes in the scene today. All have undergone extensive and rigorous training in the art of BDSM and Female Domination and each Domina is uniquely qualified to deliver the fantasy, fetish or roleplay scenario that you most desire. We invite you to browse through our online Domina Profiles where you are certain to find that specific Rapture Dominatrix who is expert in your particular passion or fetish.

All of the rooms in our exclusive and spacious Tribeca facility are kept immaculately clean and are fully equipped to handle any play style from light sensual play, to heavy suspension and complex medical sessions.

Call us now to book your appointment: (212) 966-6777

Note: You will find that everyone at Rapture has a genuine love for the art of Professional Domination, and the pleasure we derive from creating true D/S fantasy scenes is evident in every session we perform. However, we do not engage in any form of prostitution whatsoever, so don't even ask!

See you soon,
-The Ladies of Rapture NYC